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Mpower Energy LLC

Mpower yourself to optimize and save on energy costs.

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  • Our main focus is to provide your property with clarity and insight in today's rapidly changing energy environment.

  • We help properties achieve cost savings, risk mitigation, price protection as well as budget certainty.

  • Helping our clients  understand the value of energy procurement, renewable strategies and sustainable objectives.

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  • Electricity Procurement

  • Natural  Gas Procurement 

  • Renewable Energy

  • Efficiency Solutions 

  • Community Solar

  • Water Conservation Solutions

  • Consulting


Realize simple, transparent savings while driving sustainability objectives. Provide a superior level of due diligence for our clients diverse energy needs. Building trusting partnerships with our clients through providing Transparency, Integrity  and Reliability.

Our Process

  1. Evaluate current  historical usage and demand patterns. 

  2. Review energy supply invoices and contracts.

  3. Create an in depth analysis of your properties alternate providers.

  4. Identify a clear process for your energy sourcing including competitive bidding  combined with  excellent  customer service.

We Provide

Detailed Strategic Planning
Daily Market Monitoring
Risk Management
Budget Certainty 
Low Fees
Peace of Mind

Our Clients

Real Estate
Non- Profit Organizations


Why should I work with Mpower?

With over two decades of experience in the electric and natural gas markets our team has sophisticated perspective on where energy market costs impact your bottom line.

If I choose a third party supplier, am I still a customer of the utility?

Yes, you will still remain customer of your local utility. They will continue service your account, read your meter, provide customer service, billing, normal maintenance repairs and emergency service.

What happens if I move or sell the property?

Contact Mpower to support your transition at no additional cost.

What happens if I have a billing issue?

Please contact your Mpower consultant with any issues for direct support.

Get in Touch


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